Woodbury Field and Stream Club, Inc.


Big Game Challenge 2023

Text Box: 2023 Bow Season

Challenge Rules

 Antler measurement will be the only criteria

 Pope and Young measurement rules will be used

 Buck must be taken with a Bow during bow, regular and muzzleloader seasons

 It must be harvested in NY State

 Buck must be legally tagged

 You may bring antlers only, but they must be attached to the skull plate

 Upon taking your buck you can text me at (845) 494-2342 to arrange a time to have your antlers measured or,

 Come to the measuring day at the clubhouse:

1. Archery - November 14 between 11am to 1pm

2. Firearm - November 28 between 11am to 1pm

 We will take a picture of you and your buck for the web site

 Successful Hunter will receive prize and acknowledgement from the Club


Season end dates - Southern Zone December 22 (bow and muzzleloader), Westchester December 31 (bow only), Suffolk County January 31 (bow only).

Contact Information Tim Murphy (845) 494-2342

Email: murph321@comcast.net

Text Box: TJ Nelson 2023 
127 2/8" 7pt