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Woodbury Field and Stream Club, Inc.


Big Game Contest Rule Changes


Members no longer have to take their buck to Carmen Heitczman's house for a weight measurement to enter the big game contests.  

Weight no longer applies towards the winning BUCK.

If Members wish seek the weight of their Buck and if Carmen is amenable, They should contact Carmen.

Only the antlers attached to the skull plate, and a "current NYS big game tag affixed to the Antlers (RACK) will be entered. 

Winners are based on antler measurements only.

This change in policy is to make it easier for the membership to enter. 

Pictures are encouraged to be sent to the Club.


Members may wish to call Carmen 782-0377 to make sure he is home before they make the trip.

All Firearm ranges will be closed to members on Monday through Friday every week starting October 1st 2018.
Hunting ny members only with firearms and archery is allowed on Saturdays and Sundays. During the period starting October 6, 2018 through January 7, 2019.(Satrudays and Sundays may be closed also from time to time so watch for signs or website news.
Weekend days (Sat./Sun.) from Octoer 6 through November 14 ranges will be open to members only.

Membership Dues and News
Membership dues notices for 2019 were sent out ovember 5th. As a reminder. Please enter your membership number on your check in the lower left corner. Also, the printing company has had a malfunction with their printer, so there might be a delay in receiving the new membership card and decal. Please do not cal lthe membership committee looking for your credentials. You can reach out to the membership committee only if you haven’t received your credentials after January 2019.