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Woodbury Field and Stream Club, Inc.


Text Box: Important NYS DEC Newsletter
Please use this link for an update on getting license and hunter safety courses.
Copy link above in your browser and go to the site for information

The club is open to members’ use, but extreme precautionary measures should be taken when doing so because of the virus.
Members are encouraged to watch this website for updates and cancellations as well as government limitations/
 If members have any concerns they can email the club.

If you left lost item call the Club and we will see that it is returned once identified.



The NYS DEC is proposing a 10 year plan affecting deer hunting.  Sportsmen are encouraged to obtain a copy of the Plan and read it because these are some of the proposals.   


· Big Game............reducing the age of hunters from 14 to 12.

· Allowing the use of crossbows the entire archery season.

· It is suggested that private landowners can get a tax break if they allow the public to hunt their land

· Voluntary............let small buck pass

· Use of non-lead bullets and replace them with copper

· Changing the legal hours of hunting to 1/2 hour prior to sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset

· Deer management permits in portions of the Northern Zone which haven’t been offered to hunters in the past.

· Establishing deer management permits  in Mid-September in those areas where existing permits have not been adequate.

· Using fertility control methods to reduce the deer where hunting isn’t possible.

· Establishing a law prohibiting wanton waste of game animals.

· Remove the prohibition of big game hunting in certain parts of Albany, Erie, Herkimer and Hamilton counties.

· Pass regulation change to extend the late bow/muzzleloader season to January 1st.

· Sharing photos of buck, and big buck take.

Text Box: Club Meetings News
The next regular club meeting will be on April 9 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at the main pavilion.
The Board of directors will be on April 1st at 6pm, weather permitting. 

The membership dues notices have been sent mailed and please remember that the membership dues deadline is April 30, 2021.